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A2 Communication and Culture coursework. Ideas for a 2000 word study 'Otherness' HELP!?

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❶These are my findings.

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I can include the johari window, denotation, connotation and denotation, persona,ideal self, mirror self, stereotypes, the few in my first message, identity, power, representation, value, accent, dialect, kinesics, anchorage, icon, semiotics, redundancy etc.

Follow 8 Follow 9 Follow 10 Follow 11 Original post by mel I am doing as level. Follow 12 Original post by mel and extended family.

Follow 13 Follow 14 I have done the word investigation, I have chosen the statement Outnumbered? Power relationships in the family, from the sample titles the teacher gave us. I don't think we were given any assessment criteria? Follow 15 Original post by mel I have done the word investigation, I have chosen the statement Outnumbered? Follow 16 Follow 17 No she is a communication and culture teacher.

We are going to be doing another words as well. Follow 18 Original post by mel word i due week we go back. Follow 19 Original post by risteard I teach this. Are u doing AS or A2, are u aware of the key concepts that must be used?

Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 20 Is your teacher a sociologist? How's the culture and Communication in your football club? Downloads What to take to uni checklist Uni life hacks ebook. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Parents and partners Repayment Advanced Learner Loan. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Goodzzz Follow 1 follower 1 badge Send a private message to Goodzzz.

Follow 1 Does anyone do Communication and culture as level? I have my exam tomorrow and my teacher is not very good and I do not know anything! Any help would be great Thank you. Results in partnership with Birmingham City University. Follow 2 Hiya, I have that exam tomorrow as well. As long has you know the basics it should been fine after that because you can adapt your answers around the basic knowledge. Each question you should be looking to spend 20 minutes on this gives you extra time in case you over run which is fine.

Question is usually about culture, this can include subcultures e. Question 2 is all about the communication side, this can include a range of things like NVC non-verbal communication which involve haptics, para-language, proxemics and more.

This also includes how we talk idolect, sociolect and dialect. Question 3 is all about preferred reading and looking at a text. This will include codes, index, anchors, icons and others. Question 4 usually includes a text, article or even song lyrics and you have to answer it in terms of a communication and culture student and include a range of things you have learnt. Another key point would be to learn your keywords, i have attached a file that will have every keyword that has come up that is recommend by the exam board.

Also learn your theorists which is key to include in Questions 1,2 and 4. This are the key ones to look up - Goffman self presentation and staging etc , Rogers concentric circle , Cooley looking glass theory.

I have attached some PowerPoint that may benefit your revision. Attached Images AS Key terms. Follow 3 Original post by alishaobrien Hiya, I have that exam tomorrow as well. Follow 4 Original post by NafK3 Really helpful! My teacher thinks Group Communication may come up for question 3- so Janice group think and leadership styles. Follow 5 Follow 6 How did you all find it? Follow 7 I am a 16 year old girl, and am therefore confronted with issues of body image every day.

In magazines and newspapers, on the internet, on the TV, in films and music Whether I want to be or not, I am a receiver of body-image-fixated messages. And right now all of the messages are about being thin. My best friend, Amy, is a lot thinner than me. Out of all the possible connotations and denotations that skinny pop star holds, Amy filters only the positive beautiful, sexy and rejects the negative unhealthy, obsessed.

She does this subconsciously. Self-esteem is also a big factor in issues of body image. Dimbleby and Burton outlined four factors involved in the development of a sense of self: But in such a size-obsessed media environment, the standards we judge ourselves by are moving ever further away.

According to the BBC, a size zero figure is that of an eight-year-old. And this, we are told by the media, is the model to strive towards! But I found that men are concerned with body image too — a boy in my form is a self-confessed anorexic. Many of us have low self-esteem based on perceptions of the media, our peers and ourselves.

Music in the postmodern age. What sounds like repetitive noise to some people is music to my ears. But my all-time favourites have to be Daft Punk. I love how they can sample something old and make it into something new. This is what I found This is when an artist or DJ will take the best bits of an existing song, alter them, loop them and layer them to make something new.

For Daft Punk, the samples can come from anywhere; from experimental Funk to gospel to even Barry Manilow. This results in a seamless combination of genres, new and old. I find that really exciting, but many other people find it worrying.

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The American Communications Journal will help communications and culture coursework help you communications and culture coursework help find a Communications Degree from an Accredited Online School. Our programs in the natural and mathematical sciences are among the country’s best.

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Mar 18,  · A cross culture and communication specialist: Communication and Culture A2 Coursework - Duration: History Help About; Press.

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Controlled assessment information for A-level Communication and Culture. AO1: the ability to communicate in the register of communication and culture AO3: the ability to apply knowledge AO4: the ability to work with relevant resources drawn from a range of sources. AO1 and AO3 carry equal weighting across the two readings.

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Please contact the Communication and Culture Customer Support Team for your coursework adviser's contact details. The Past: Theme 1 The Imagined Past: an exploration of how the past is represented in a variety of 'fictions'. Nov 28,  · Culture is, basically, a set of shared values that a group of people holds. Such values affect how you think and act and, more importantly, the kind of criteria by which you judge others.