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Causes of the Civil War essay

Essay title: Causes of the Civil War

❶By the end of the 18th century the people of America began to look to the slave trade with disdain and the slave system was abolished in North America by an Act of More Americans were killed in the Civil War than in all other American wars combined from the colonial period through the later phase of the Vietnam War.

The South especially needed more slaves at this time because they were now growing more cotton then ever because of the invention of the cotton gin. Cotton production with slaves jumped from , bales in to over 3,, bales in Within that time period of 50 years the number of slaves also rose from about 1,, to over 4,, The plantation owners in the South could not understand why the North wanted slavery abolished that bad.

Southerners compared it with the wage-slave system of the North. They said that the slaves were better cared for then the free factory workers in the North. Southerners said that slaveowners provided shelter, food, care, and regulation for a race unable to compete in the modern world without proper training. Many Southern preachers proclaimed that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible.

But after the American Revolution slavery really died it the North, just as it was becoming more popular in the South. By the time of seven of the northern most states had abolished slavery. During this time a surge of democratic reform swept the North and West. There were demands for political equality and economic and social advances. The Northerners goals were free public education, better salaries and working conditions for workers, rights for women, and better treatment for criminals.

The South felt these views were not important. All of these views eventually led to an attack on the slavery system in the South, and showed opposition to its spread into whatever new territories that were acquired.

Northerners said that slavery revoked the human right of being a free person. Now with all these views the North set out on its quest for the complete abolition of slavery.

When new territories became available in the West the South wanted to expand and use slavery in the newly acquired territories.

But the North opposed to this and wanted to stop the extension of slavery into new territories. The North wanted to limit the number of slave states in the Union.

But many Southerners felt that a government dominated by free states could endanger existing slaveholdings. The South wanted to protect their states rights. The first evidence of the North's actions came in when Missouri asked to be admitted to the Union as a slave state. After months of discussion Congress passed the Missouri Compromise of This compromise was legislative measures that regulated the extension of slavery in the United States for three decades.

Now the balance of 11 free states and 11 slave states was in trouble. Causes of the Civil War. Retrieved 12, , from https: Causes of the Civil War By: Thus the north and the south were not unanimous on the issue of slavery. North America considered it to be a blot on the fair society of America whereas it was an unavoidable evil for the South which could not be abolished. Neither of the two was prepared to compromise on this issue.

Some thinkers were of the opinion that America wanted to extend her territory in the west in the name of slave trade. Election of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln occupied a significant place in the history of America. With the success of Lincoln in the election, it became a certainty that the slave system would not survive in America for a long time.

Although Lincoln and his Republican party had not much stressed the point of slave system, however, the victory of Lincoln had given rise to the worry that the new government would abolish American institutions and civilization.

It led the states of southern America to separate from the Union. Those opposing Slave System had created a terror in the southern states that the historic labour system of the South would be abolished by the North. The propaganda mounted by the leaders of the North created doubt, terror, hatred and resentment in the people of the South. The leaders of the South were endeavouring their best for the expansion of slave system; hence Abraham Lincoln had talks with Stephen Douglas.

Lincoln emphasized that slave system was immoral and unjust but Douglas could not be convinced and he emphasized that the issue of slavery fell within the provincial constitution.

Hence feelings of terror spread which made the outbreak of Civil War imminent. The southern states of America did not take kindly to the success of Abraham Lincoln. Many southern leaders had already decided that they would not remain in the Union under the President of Republican party.

Carolina was the first state to oppose. She declared her separation from the Union on 20 December She declared that the laws of the individual independence which were passed by the thirteen northern states were not in accordance with the constitution. Besides, the anti-slave movement of northern states had made their property, i. On 4th March when Lincoln took over as President, seven states of the South had separated from the Union.

These states formed a southern confederacy on 4 February and elected David Jefferson as their President. They made a separate constitution of their own in which every state was authorised to separate herself from the Union.

Although the situation was quite grave, yet Lincoln wanted to avoid the blast. After his election, he declared as President of U. Thus, a civil war broke out between the army of Lincoln and that of the rebellious states. Preserve Articles is home of thousands of articles published and preserved by users like you. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, poetries, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

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Causes of the American Civil War Essay Words | 7 Pages. Many economic and political factors lie behind the cause of the American Civil War. Among such causes, the issue of slavery is raised repeatedly. Many men and women sacrificed all that they had in opposition to the evils of slavery.

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This paper studies the causes of the American Civil War. There were many other factors that played an important role in the Civil War but most historians still feel that slavery was the main cause of the war although there were complex and difficult political and economic factors.

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Causes of the Civil War Essay Words | 3 Pages. A major conflict in the United States’ history is the American Civil War. Many causes led to the Civil War. This all happened around the mid s. It was a conflict between the Northern and Southern states. Gradually, the slave system became a very intractable problem in American politics. In the declaration of Independence by George HI it was stated that Slave Trade was a sin but later on this provision was removed from the declaration.

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- Causes of the American Civil War The American Civil War is one of the most significant and controversial periods in American history. The Civil War was caused by mounting conflicting pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by differences and pride, and set into motion by unlikely set of political events. Causes of the American Civil War Essay - Causes of the American Civil War The American Civil War was a military conflict between the United States of America (the Union), and 11 secessionist Southern states, organized as the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy).