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African-American Studies Paper Topics

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❶The Negro in American life and thought:

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Interesting Research Paper Topics
20 Topics on African American Literature for Literary Analysis

It is argued that people forget it because language is something learned now from birth, so that it becomes something very natural with age and development. People do not question the origins of languages or how things might have been prior to language, something which is not intrinsic to humans. Achebe claims that violence would escalate severely were it not for language.

This level of violence would be so severe that it would lead to human extinction. The author provided the example of two cavemen, one who walks into a cave at night seeking shelter, only to find that another caveman already dwells inside the cave. Because they are unable to communicate, the first man throws a rock at the head of the second to inform him of his presence.

But this incident is one which would provoke a violent retaliation, and then a retaliation for that, something which would inevitably result in a great deal of violence. This is an example of pathos, an emotional appeal to the halting of violence, the identification of language as a mean of combatting it at least in some situations.

It is quite successful in gaining the attention of the audience and causing people to reflect upon the aforementioned origin of language that to date had gone overlooked by many. Verbal communication still plays a role in disagreements and it lacks the power to abolish all violence, and today, it can be used for something far beyond its intent, something malicious and abusive. This is another successful argument, one that draws attention to how leaders, individuals, and groups can abuse others through language, and that each person must take it upon themselves to be cognizant of this potential and to work toward using words for good.

The author stresses the importance of language and the ability to communicate with one another. Historically, a speaker has been able to use language to effectively communicate with others and to gain respect from fellow humans. This holds true even today. People who are able to effectively communicate with their audience, and to persuade their audience, can become leaders.

It provides access to full text of plays written by dramatists from Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. It also offers detailed information about productions, theaters, production companies, and other ephemera related to the plays.

In addition the database includes select playbills and production photographs. Provides citations to fiction, poetry and literary reviews, that appeared in Black owned and edited newspapers published in the United States from Black Short Fiction and Folklore. Offers the most comprehensive collection yet created of stories from African and the African Diaspora.

It includes essays, timelines, newspaper articles, video clips, and images. It combines several resources: Black Thought and Culture. Black Thought and Culture provides approximately , pages of books, essays, articles, speeches, and interviews written by Black leaders from the earliest times to the present. Included in the collection are the works of Frederick Douglass, W. This database offers full-text collection of newspapers, magazines and journals of the contemporary ethnic, minority and native press.

Use to find books, book chapters and articles from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles freely available on the web. Historical Abstracts offers abstracts of scholarly literature on the world other than North America, to present. History and Life for North American coverage. International Index to Black Periodicals. Coverage is international in scope and multidisciplinary, spanning cultural, economic, historical, religious, social, and political issues of vital importance to the Black Studies discipline.

The narratives cover thousands of subjects from the late 19th Century to present, including civil rights and race relations, labor history, African American history… and more.

OAASC provides access to scholarly articles, biographies, primary sources with commentaries, primary sources, subject entries, film clips, images, maps, charts, tables, web sites, and timelines.

Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, to This database offers researchers with primary and secondary sources related to the movements and personalities of the s. Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, This database is a "portal for slavery and abolition studies, bringing together documents and collections covering an extensive time period , from libraries and archives across the Atlantic world.

Close attention is being given to the varieties of slavery, the legacy of slavery, the social justice perspective and the continued existence of slavery today. Use these to find historical documents such as, autobiographies, firsthand accounts, speeches, interviews, diaries, and letters. Currently DocSouth includes sixteen thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs.

Temple University Libraries — Digital Collections. Offers access to Temple University Libraries' primary historical and cultural resources. Mosley Photographs , which includes a selection of images, documenting African American life in and around Philadelphia during the midth century. Urban Archives Temple University Libraries. Other Philadelphia Area Resources for manuscripts and archival collections.

Biographical Resources Print and Online. African American Biographical Database. Biographical profiles, full-text sketches and photographs of prominent African Americans from all walks of life between Substance Abuse, Poverty And The African American This 9 page paper addresses the relationship between poverty, substance abuse and being a Black American in terms of how treatment may address these issues in a productive manner. The viewpoint of systems theory as well as personal construct The unit of analysis is segregated neighborhoods.

The independent variable is segregation of race. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Freedom And Amistad This 6 page paper explores the idea o freedom as presented in the Amistad incident and pertaining to slavery as well as the rights of the individual. Bibliography lists 8 sources. White, Black, and Mental 8 pp. What we will be looking at in this discussion are basically two issues, that have somehow become enmeshed: According to Davis , more than 70 percent, of the imprisoned population, are people of color.

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There is an endless variety of African-American studies paper topics to choose from.; Tags: african-american studies,interesting research paper topics,paper topics,research topics.

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Research within librarian-selected research topics on African-American History from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.

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Research within librarian-selected research topics on African-American Culture and Society from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more. African American History research papers look into the experience of African Americans since the founding of the British colonies to the Civil Rights movement and beyond. Paper Masters gives students topic suggestions for writing research papers on African American History.

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Black Studies / African American Studies. Choose from any of these essay topics on black studies / African American Studies. Research Haven's database of term paper and essay topics is the home to close to , sample papers for you to choose from. Check our list of great literary analysis topics on African American literature. There will surely be a few to your liking and definitely a few awesome ideas. High School Essay Papers For Sale Research Paper Topics Write My Paper Narrative Essay Essay Writer Free Papers.