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Research position paper in abortion? Mount sac creative writing.

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❶Handbook of Constructionist Research. Proposals in the current debate range from complete prohibition, even if done to save the woman's life, [8] to complete legalization with public funding, as in Canada.

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If we are hunting and see movement in the bushes, we know we must not shoot until we know that what we are shooting at is not a person. Likewise, we don't bury a body that we think may be dead, but one that we are sure is dead. Therefore, the burden of proof regarding the personhood of the fetus rests with those who contemplate the termination of the pregnancy, with those who facilitate the termination of the pregnancy and with those who fail to oppose the legal termination of pregnancies.

The ending of a life is far too great a decision to act without certainty. The fetus is not part of the mother's body, it is an individual with its own body. While it is dependent upon the mother for sustenance, so it will also be upon birth. The mother does not have the right to do anything she wants with her baby. Furthermore, even if the baby were part of the mother's body, which it is not, the mother still does not have the right to do anything she wants with it.

We do not have the right to kill ourselves. We do not have the moral right to chop off our arm. We may be able to do these things but they cannot be considered morally right. If it is not a human, then what is it? What occurs in order for it to be considered a human? A change in location, from inside the womb to outside the womb? Beyond location, the difference between babies that are born and those unborn is one of development.

This development does not cease upon birth but continues long afterward. There is no essential aspect of development that is unique to a fetus in the womb. In other words, there is no determining physical factor which anyone can point to that turns a baby who is born into a human.

If consciousness were what makes a person human, then those in comas lapse into a non-human form! An aspiring murderer ought to knock his victim unconscious prior to the murder so they would not be guilty of taking an innocent life! Self-awareness is one of the developing characteristics of humans. Newborns have no more sense of self immediately after they are born.

Yet babies have consciousness before and after birth. They have brain waves from six weeks after conception. As early as three months after conception they can feel pain and sense pressure.

Consciousness develops into self-awareness as the baby grows and it takes many months after birth for this to be clearly developed. No one suggests killing babies who lack self-awareness. Legalizing an evil does not make it morally right. Nor does it necessarily curb its abuse.

This notion leads to legalizing all kinds of evil. In fact, changing a law can have an effect on the attitude towards an evil, making it less desirable. Such was the case with laws abolishing slavery. Finally, a clean and safe killing is a small consolation for the victim. It may solve the problem of the unwanted pregnancy but it does not help the mother or the child.

Depression often follows abortion as women live with the guilt of their act. Adoption is a far better solution, without the consequences. Unwanted pregnancies normally turn into a wanted child if the child is allowed to survive. Also, even if the mother does not want the baby, this does not make the baby "unwanted" for many families would be more than glad to raise the child.

In addition, just because someone is unwanted does not give us the right to end its life, for our desires cannot trump the rights of others, particularly the right to life.

While it is true that we cannot make people moral through passing laws, it does not follow that we should therefore not pass laws that seek to curb immoral behavior. In fact, we have many laws that seek to reduce immoral acts, such as laws prohibiting murder, stealing, rape, etc. Furthermore, if terminating a pregnancy is not immoral, then why should it be rare? There is a widely held sense, even among those who consider themselves against any laws limiting abortion, that abortion is not a good thing.

This is because God has put a conscience with all of us which causes a feeling of guilt regarding moral wrong. This is reflected in the desire for abortion to be rare. If we believe that the fetus is a person, then we should not abort the pregnancy regardless of the setting of the conception.

While rape is a horrible crime, the baby conceived should not be killed. The age-old adage "two wrongs don't make a right" applies. Incest has the additional element of potential birth defects, yet if any defects exist they do not make the child less of a person.

Just as we do not end the life of a child with birth defects, we ought not to end the life of a baby in the womb with birth defects. The case of protecting the life of the mother brings the possibility of a moral dilemma, where we must choose between competing moral demands.

However, the life of the mother must be actually at stake. Often the life of the mother is at risk but the risk is minimal. Studies have indicated when a mother's life is deemed in danger and a birth occurs, it is very uncommon for the mother to die. If the threat to the life of the mother is certain if the baby is delivered then there would indeed be a clear moral dilemma where a choice must be made as to which life would be saved.

This requires a judgment on the part of the physicians, mother and family, which should be respected. Finally, we recognize that for political purposes these exceptions are commonly given. Those advocating these exceptions may be doing so for political expediency rather than from moral conviction. We understand that if an agreement cannot be reached to outlaw all abortion, as much of it as possible should be. There are steps that we can take to serve God in light of the current abortion problem, but we must be careful.

In our public and private attempts to bring change upon individuals we should seek to persuade but not coerce. Unfortunately, too much of the Christian response to abortion has been unpersuasive and seen as coercive. Also, our response to abortion in the church should be different than abortion in our society. In this we must follow the example of Jesus Christ and those He trained as His apostles.

Our opportunity to be persuasive begins with prayer. Only God can change people's heart and the changed heart to honor God is the primary task that God is calling us to cf. As we encounter the abortion issue we must pray for God to bring change in the minds and hearts of individuals. As we speak with people either personally or publicly, we must conduct ourselves with grace, gentleness and reverence cf. Our compassion and love will set the framework for these compelling reasons why abortion should not be performed or supported.

Since the truth concerning the morality of abortion is with those opposing abortion there is certainly no reason to violate any laws in our attempt to persuade. There is no need to be argumentative or belligerent, which undermines any attempts to instruct cf. Much of the effort to change the abortion laws has been in the political arena.

To attempt to bring political change without persuading the people of the need is a recipe for failure. This explains why in spite of great attempts, there has been no change in our abortion laws.

We simply have failed to persuade our society about the morality of abortion and too much of our opposition to abortion has been counterproductive to our case. Abortion is not new. It was actively practiced in the days of Christ and the early church. It was also legal in the Roman Empire.

Christ and His disciples did not make it their ministry to change the government laws. They did not make it their ministry to create moral practices among the non-Christians.

They did not revolt, they did not picket, they did not lobby. The apostles dealt with professing Christians differently than with the world. They understood that their role among unbelievers was redemptive, not political. They were not seeking to moralize the unconverted, but to convert the immoral.

Therefore, the means that we should use to bring change in abortion is by seeking to bring change in the hearts of individuals, seeking for them to turn from their sin to faith in Christ. We should actively oppose abortion among Christians and actively proclaim the gospel of Christ among non-Christians. With regard to the church, our responsibility is clearly different. We are to reprove, rebuke and exhort, with great patience and instruction 2 Timothy 4: This does not mean we are uncompassionate or unloving.

In fact, we are following God's plan for how to express love to His people, maturing them toward Christ's righteousness. With regard to those who do not profess to be followers of Christ, our task must be evangelistic. We cannot allow the abortion issue to interfere with our mandate from God to be his ambassadors for reconciliation 2 Corinthians 5: As individuals and together as the church we must function as followers of Christ to make the message of the forgiveness of sins known and received among the world.

We cannot allow our desire to see every child protected from the moment it is created in the image of God to distract us from this mission. Please send any comments about this website to webmaster ValleyBible. Downloads Position Paper - pdf.

Valley Bible Church's Position Paper on Abortion Abortion is a controversial and often passionate issue in our nation. Philosophical reasons why abortion is morally wrong While there is no agreement in our nation regarding the validity of the Bible, we do share an innate sense of logical reasoning. We know that the embryo a term referring to the baby during its first three months in the womb is genetically unique from the point of conception.

Since we know when a person is no longer living, this should guide us in deciding when life begins. We do not consider that location in the womb negates personhood. We do not consider that dependency upon another person negates personhood. We do not consider that a poor quality of life negates personhood.

The burden of proof Even if we are unconvinced that both the biblical arguments and the philosophical arguments against abortion are adequate, we are still left with a moral dilemma. Answers to pro-abortion objections 1. Our response to abortion There are steps that we can take to serve God in light of the current abortion problem, but we must be careful.

We should be persuasive without being coercive. We should follow the example of Jesus and His disciples. If you can help me fix whatever might make this essay better, I'd appreciate it. You can just change it around copy pasting it and all. Thank you in advance. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world having no grounds of agreement among two completely polar aspects. The argument is between The argument is between life and death though the uncertainty of complication of abortion makes it difficult to decide which side to favor.

I personally do not believe in abortion because I feel that it is an act of murder and that we are not the ones that can decide whether the person that a woman gives birth to should live or die. Abortion is a life or death matter that has a large but equal amount of supporters on both sides. However, all those supporters have one goal in common and that is to decrease the number of abortions and to make abortion safer.

Abortion is surrounded by many different questions such as: Does this include confidentiality? Is a developing fetus a being? Should the law allow abortions for rape or incest cases? The Constitution permits abortion legalization. It is not mentioned in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution directly but the right to privacy and reproductive rights is an enumerated right. Wade, legalized abortion in the first trimester.

Twenty-four percent of pregnancies end in abortion and forty-one percent of the abortions are only done by teenagers in America. Just because abortion is legal does not mean it is okay. Slavery was legal over years ago but that did not mean it was right. When a fetus actually starts to live cannot be determined but according to facts, the heart begins to beat after days and the brain begins to operate after 40 days. Some people think that after conception you become a person whereas others think otherwise but they should think, suppose you have five hundred pills on a table and one of the five hundred is poisonous pill.

Would the person just randomly take one pill and swallow it not caring whether it is just a normal pill or a poisonous one? No, because that person values their life so would it not be the same with the fetus?

There could be a chance that the fetus is alive and abortion could be that person murdering the baby inside their womb. Because abortion is legalized, whether or not the fetus manages to live to be born now depends on people and whether the unborn are protected by the right to live.

Abortion for rape is another controversial topic. Babies born of this act are not intended since the sexual act is forced and no precaution or contraception can be taken. Much of the population says that killing the babies from these actions is all right but is it? This argument is between the pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-life is a group that goes against abortion. These people claim that human life begins at conception therefore making the fetus a person. They believe that the unborn deserve the right to live.

Abortion may be legal in the USA but Pro-Lifers hope to make an amendment that gives all living beings from conception the right to live with protection under law. They also support adoption and encourage women to take this positive alternative instead of abortion. A strong base for the Pro-Life group is religion. The Pro-Choice group to abortion believes that women have the freedom to choose to abort the fetus in their womb or keep it.

This group of people believes that abortion is a personal choice and the freedom of choice is protected for all individuals.

Valley Bible Church's Position Paper on Abortion

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Abortion Position Paper Abortion is one of the most compelling and controversial issues in American culture and politics today. Since its legalization in , abortion has sparked heated rivalries between groups wanting to either restrict or increase access to the procedure.

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I have looked around to find the pro-choice arguments that I think are the most convincing arguments for abortion and tried to answer them with my own opinion in a way that is as convincing as the way they .

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before viability.[note 1] An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is often called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. A Position Paper on Abortion. Abortion: A Position Paper The controversy of abortion in the United States is unique because there seems to be no grounds of compromise between two completely polar sides. .

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especially abortion-on-demand and welcome the government’s protection of the unborn. Several issues are involved in the abortion debate, not least of which is . The pro-choice position is the definitive statement that it is a woman’s decision and her choice of whether to have an abortion or not, and that no one should be able to take that power from her.