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For Kellogg's, YouTube is the 1 partner when it comes to video advertising and promotion, with digital video campaigns driving the creative and strategy behind everything else they do. Bree Brouwer May 17, Music, and entertainment-focused channels were among those with the highest view counts on YouTube in April We take a look at the most-watched YouTube channels last month, and confirm which publishers generated the most views for their video content.

Read on to find out how it became the platform's breakout star of ! A new study not only discloses some critical data about how video rankings differ on Google and YouTube, it also shares strategic insights about the data to provide the reasons for those differences. Destruction-based videos have exploded on social video, particularly on YouTube. A Day in the Life Of: Indeed, online video has proven to be the face of the future for viewership. And on mobile devices alone, Youtube reaches more people in the 18 to 49 demographic than any other broadcast or cable TV network.

You can navigate Youtube in 88 countries, and watch content in 76 different languages. Netflix has answered a similar need buy allowing people to consume both TV and movies on one platform. The connection is clear. Companies must know what consumers want and need. They have to understand what problems exist, in order to be able to solve them. In other words, in a race to innovate, Lego lost sight of their core identity. Lego firstly got back to basics.

To their surprise, the research team discovered the importance customers placed in the value of the brand bringing creative play that is conducive to learning. They wanted to discover how kids played and the interaction of play between children and parents. The use of primary research allowed Lego to hone into the specific areas which had not been researched before and get into the details of what children liked Iacobucci What the observational research actually discovered was that kids responded to scoring, ranking and levels of play, i.

Lego responded by bringing back their older and popular product lines such as the JCB diggers and fire engines. The research also informed how these old favourites should look to complete the product over-haul to meet the expectations of the consumer.

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Sep 12,  · -- Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free.

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Oct 15,  · Market research essentially helps marketers and organizations find answers to their business related problems which they encounter every day. A very informat.

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Utilizing YouTube to discover what people are saying about a brand is a great way to conduct market research. On YouTube, thanks to the volunteering of information, its global scale, and diverse. Market research gave birth to YouTube. The prime ingredient in creating the world's largest video streaming service was understanding a need - and answering it.

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Company History Research Findings Now 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c "YouTube's vision is to give everyone a voice, to evolve video, and to make our partners. Market Research For real-time business news alerts and market updates, you need a team of experienced professionals monitoring the information essential to your company’s success. Nerac saves you valuable resources by concentrating only on key developments relevant to your research needs.