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Exemplification Essay

Exemplification Essay Examples

❶Should texting while driving become illegal everywhere?


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The merit of an argument is in its definition. Argument is ingrained in our nature so much so that we find something to debate in pretty much everything around us; even what we eat. This is precisely the reason why argumentative essays are a dime a dozen and are pretty easy to carve out. When you exemplify the piece, it naturally becomes an exemplification essay. Actually, most students are so besotted by the idea of examples and support that they love this piece.

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This type of essay should include clear ideas, strong arguments and substantial information to support the thesis.

Multiple resources that support the argument should be found and used. The essay should begin with a strong introduction that utilizes a story that ties into the subject. Personalizing the content makes it more relatable to the audience. Statistics and facts should be used liberally in the body of the document, and appropriate citations should be provided for each piece of information.

Can all homes be made to produce their own energy? Media and Entertainment Does political correctness have a negative impact on the freedom of speech? The impact of product placement in TV shows The role of modern feminist on the portrayal of historic female characters in movies The role of social media for the rise of fake news Do TV shows present the ethnical diversity in our society?

Sexism in superhero movies Does Pokemon Go have an overall positive impact on children? Is the life of reality TV stars staged? Are live theatre performances more inspiring than movies? Are child stars robbed of their childhood? Family and Social Matters Should children receive physical punishment?

Do ambitious parents really motivate their children to do better? Can polygamy result in healthy relationships? Do modern children grow up too fast because of technology? Does being yourself help for success? Is gender discrimination common in the modern corporate world? The impact frequent moving has on children Do parents have different hopes for their sons and daughters?

The impact of sexting on intimacy Does bribing children to behave has a positive impact? Are the most successful people also the happiest? Should national charities help people in other countries? Health and Nutrition Should obese children be refused sugary foods?

Is self-help the best way to treat mild to moderate depression? Is celebrity culture responsible for eating disorders in young people? Are fast food restaurants among the major factors behind rising obesity levels? Can drinking from plastic bottles be dangerous for the health? Can artificial colorings in food cause ADHD? Should organ donation be encouraged?

Can genetic engineering help to eradicate genetic disorders? Should herbs and spices be used in baby food? Is socialization the main reason why teenagers start smoking? Are sugary drinks among the major causes of obesity?

Tips For Choosing Great Exemplification Essay Titles

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Writing an exemplification essay involves many examples for supporting the generalization of your support. These examples should explain, prove, or make argument to your point. Only enough details and examples need to be used to get the point across, help to enhance your writing and providing a.

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10 Original Topics For Your Exemplification Essay: Vital Suggestions. An exemplification essay is a unique essay, perhaps one of the few that students struggle to write today, considering the fact that not so many students are ever in a good position to understand what is really required of them in writing such papers.

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Exemplification essay topics can be related to a variety of subjects, such as history, political science, or law. Here are some examples that you may use. A: Ideas for an exemplification essay topic include the impact of technology on culture, gun control, online education's impact on traditional education and the importance of grade school music education. Other topic ideas include religion in school, organ donation, wage discrimination and success without a formal education.

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% FREE Papers on Exemplification essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. -. How to Write an Exemplification Essay (Writing Guide) List of topics; Outline example; The main goal of essay writing is to simply share an idea by presenting it in an understandable and digestible way. To write your essay, you must first choose an interesting topic to share with your readers.