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My favorite restaurant

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❶Places we prefer vary depending on our taste, culture, mood, previous experience and our first impression of the place.

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My Favorite Restaurant Essay - Hanover College
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This place is no less than a typical example of how to build a restaurant. The restaurant serves many famous Italian meals. The chicken soup with cream is a great start to any meal, and I have not found a restaurant serving it as here. I prefer the Chicken Caesar Salad after it. My favorite dishes are the fettuccine Alfredo pasta with chicken, grilled chicken with cream and mushroom sauce. I love pizza of all kinds. They are all delicious and different options. Parmesan cheese is a good choice to accompany any Italian dish.

Canoloni Agnolotti with garlic and rosemary is one of the best Italian dishes. Agnolotti is a stuffed pasta and is very similar to ravioli, served with some rosemary and garlic. This dish is one of the distinctive foods in Italian cuisine. Rap Arancini broccoli with marinara sauce is one of the best Italian dishes. It is rice balls with well fried broccoli and characterized by its golden color and served with marinara sauce.

The restaurant also offers different types of juices with meals. Such as lemon juice with mint mixed with crushed ice is an effective recipe for extinguishing the heat of the atmosphere. The restaurant at the weekend is busy … my advice is to arrive early or book or call for booking to ensure a place. You can have coffee in the afternoon or after lunch too. I usually eat kebab and baguette for dinner at the weekend. But, when I go with my family, I eat fried fish.

My favourite fried fish is rosada. I have no favorite restaurant. But still if there is one that catches my attention, The Diegos. I like the customer service they have and the estupendisimas serving tapas when you order a drink. My favorite food is macaroni carbonara and Los Diegos make very good I love macaroni there! Besides the sandwiches they make are very good and very cheap. In the bar there is also a hall for weddings, communions, baptisms There is usually a lot of people and that is a sign that everything they serve there this best.

In summer, set up tables on the street for people to dine chilly especially at night because the morning and at noon it's hot. I hope you never close the bar. El restaurante es muy bonito y sus pizzas estan muy buenas y grandes. Toda la comida esta buena, hacen hamburguesas, patas,sanwisches, pastas, carnes Cuando voy con mi familia solemos pedir una pizza de salsa barbacoa y unos refrescos.

Cuando no nos apetece salir llamamos por telefono y nos traen la comida. It's in Granada, Spain. I sometimes go there with my parent. The Burger King is my favourite restaurant, because it's great food and also serves other dishes, like salad, chicken and different types of hamburgers, like with cheese, of chicken, of fish or complete.

For drink there are cola, juice, smoothies or ice cream. The desserts it's smoothies also or yoghurt. I don't never have dessert. I'm always very full!!


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My Favorite Restaurant: Rivenee’s As a child, I was not fond of eating out. My family would eat at a restaurant, diner, or buffet at least once a week, often more than once.

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“The trouble with eating Italian food,” says Woody Allen, “is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” This quote reminds me of my favorite restaurant which is called Olive Garden.

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Free Essay: My Favorite Restaurants As far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. Two of my favorite restaurants are Jake’s and. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on My Favorite Restaurant.

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My favorite restaurant is Capri Eatings. The restaurant is really good. It is located in the downtown of Lahore and it is a very popular restaurant over there. The restaurant has a very beautiful interior and the moment we enter the restaurant the whole interior and atmosphere welcomes us. The restaurant is basically a Chinese [ ]. My Favorite Restaurant If you are looking for a good place with Italian food, I will recommend you the Olive Garden. It is my favorite restaurant to dine5/5(1).