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Essay Tips: 7 Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

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❶Is your essay to inform or persuade? Rebekah Richards is a professional writer with work published in the "Atlanta Journal-Constitution," "Brandeis University Law Journal" and online at tolerance.

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An average sentence should be about 15 to 28 words. Just as verbal storytelling is shown to really help messages stick, giving examples can provide readers with a visual image that makes your words memorable. Again, readers appreciate concise writing , and that goes for any descriptive examples. Make it visually appealing. Most readers are willing to give an email or letter about 4. You want your reader to move through your writing easily. Watch the fat thumbs.

Mistakes made while texting are common, but consider the person receiving your missive may open it at the office while checking email.

A text riddled with typos and abbreviations can be jarring in such a setting. You have the topic, and you can find the resources you need online. The only problem is: Why did your professors skip that step? Do they expect you to figure things out on your own? Here's the good news: In this article, we'll show you how to research, write, and revise an essay.

The guide works for all types of essays, and it's really easy to follow. Some students want to start writing the paper immediately. They open an MS Word document and start staring at the blank page, wondering why nothing is happening. You're stuck at the very beginning because you missed really important stages of the process:. In the first two stages, you need to understand the assignment and brainstorm for ideas. Let's see how that works.

What does your professor want you to achieve with this essay? You should go through the instructions few times, so you'll understand the purpose of the assignment. If you don't understand something, feel free to ask other students. Talking to the professor might be scary, but it's something you can always do if you need clarification. If you fail to understand the type of essay your professor requires, you'll miss the point.

You don't want all your efforts to be useless, do you? Let's make this simpler for you: Answer that question to set the right track of the whole project. When writing about a goal -- whether personal, academic or professional -- show the reader your inspiration behind the goal.

For example, if your professional aim is to apply your MBA skills to running your father's business, you can write about specifically why keeping the family business going matters to you.

Explaining the motivations behind your goal not only serves to develop your essay, but it also provides a personalized view of the significance of your objectives. Whether you are applying to an academic program, or trying to get hired for a particular job, your essay should address how your studies help you attain your professional goals. Explaining the connection between your academic plans and your career plans will show the reader that you have formulated a strategy to achieve your professional goals.

This also gives the reader the opportunity to see that you have already taken active steps toward realizing these goals.

Your essay should discuss your personal characteristics that make you a good fit for this profession. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggests that your essay address whether "you have special skills, like leadership, management, research, or communication.

Make certain to provide evidence in the form of specific examples to support every personal quality you mention.

Essays can be crucial to admissions and scholarship decisions.

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Mark Alan Stewart’s How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement. Donald Asher’s Graduate Admissions Essays. Richard Stelzer’s How to Write a Winning Personal Statement for .

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Thinking about your purpose and audience before you create an outline will enable you to focus on the most relevant areas of your topic and more clearly demonstrate your main point. Although writing a good essay takes time and thought, effective business writing is an invaluable tool for communication.

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The Process of Writing a Professional Essay: A Guide that Makes It Easier. After all that procrastinating, the day finally came: you realized you have to work on that essay whether you like it . How To Write A Professional Essay In order to write an essay, you need to come up with a topic that you would enjoy to research on. Then research the topic and create a thesis statement.

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Whether applying for a scholarship, acceptance into an academic institution or employment by a particular company, you may be required to write a professional goals essay. The essay should address your intentions, your strengths and your intended long-term contribution to the profession. Take a serious approach to writing this essay. “Professional Essay,” which is an essential component of your application to this program. Purpose of the Professional Essay Here are some of the reasons we are asking you to write this essay and the criteria we will use.